Q: What is your policy regarding the Welsh language? Especially in regards to business, education, and government. Thank you.


As much as we love to see regional cultures live and in action, the Green Party concentrates on the bigger issues facing humanity - such as climate change and the corporatization of democracy. These are things we really must get right if we are to leave the next generation with an environment fit for the future, and a democracy which works for everyone.

Well this is incredibly disappointing. Shame on you, Green Party. The Welsh language for starters is not a regional language. And note, the stark contrast this answer lies next to what is stated in their manifesto, here. Siomedig iawn.

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Eos and the broader struggle over valuing Welsh language products | Dyfeisgar

The Eos ruling by the Copyright Tribunal is a vicious blow to musicians who choose to sing in Welsh, but it is also a blow in the wider debate about the way we measure the value of Welsh cultural products – from daily news to television entertainment…

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Braint yw cael dy eni yn Gymro, nid a llwy arian yn dy geg, ond a chan yn dy galon a cerdd yn dy waed.

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With Welsh Music Under Fire, Gruff Rhys Schools Us

In Wales, a dispute over airplay royalties from the BBC extends beyond the cash, spanning issues from politics to the marginalization of a minority language. MTV IGGY spoke to Welsh artist Gruff Rhys (from Super Furry Animals) about the ongoing dispute — and on Welsh culture in general.

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Cau dy lygaid, dal fi’n dynn a gwenu cyn ni dyfu fyny Tri Mis a Diwrnod, Vanta
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posting this due to passionate love for the Welsh language and how utterly ridiculous this is that it can happen in modern day Wales.

postio hyn oherwydd cariad angerddol dros yr iaith Gymraeg a pha mor gwbl chwerthinllyd hyn yw y gall ddigwydd mewn Cymru gyfoes.


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‘Dw i ‘di cysgu dan y sêr yn y Sahara, ac aros ar ‘nhraed drwy’r nos ym Mhrâg. ‘Dw i ‘di dawnsio ar fynydd efo ffrindiau newydd, a deffro ar awyren wag. ‘Does unman yn debyg i adra,’ meddan nhw wrthaf i. ‘Does unman yn debyg i adra, na,’ ond mae adra’n debyg iawn i chdi. Gwyneth Glyn (via cerithrhys)

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